My Reaction to all the Jerks

I wondered if the jerks/anonymous people who are there to bother without any reason are worthy enough to be dedicated a complete post. But then this is my blog, a place where I can share/express my opinions and my thoughts; so why I should I even think twice before posting anything. This post is my answer to all the people who do not have the courage to come face to face and use the content or pictures without giving the due credit or are misusing them in any way.  

I became a victim to such an act recently which completely terrified me. I was super upset for complete day and thought who would have done it (the Identity was not revealed). I even thought of quitting the blog and taking it down because you never know who is reading it or would misuse the content I am posting on it.

But then I gave it a second thought and speculated why should I give up on my passion for someone who is a total jerk. Why should I give him the power to spoil my mood. Its my life, my blog and my way of living, why I should I change that for someone who does not matter for me at all. People will pull me down, do/say things that would hurt but I think its high time now that I should overlook them and do what I love.

Do what you love

So I finally concluded I would continue with my love for blogging, no matter what anyone does. In-fact my passion for blogging has increased more with this incident. So stay tuned for more and more posts.  

be confident
Pictures Credit: Google
                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Hey babe! Haters gonna hate and well the people who are out there who believe in Copying or faking - you should not be worried about them.
    This blog should be your medium to reach to your true readers and not such jerks! So don't let them bug you :*

  2. Don't bother about the haters and plagiarists. There are genuine readers out there who look forward to your posts. Keep posting

    1. Thank you so much opal !
      Hope to see you here more often.