6 Lessons Marriage Taught Me

Just 2 and half years of experience but I can feel the change in myself. Marriage has its own ups and downs, and with every good or bad thing comes its own set of lessons. So lets get down to some lessons that I have learnt till now:

1. To have Patience: My patience power has increased incredibly. you can read all about it here. Now again, I really don't know if it has to do with me turning 25 or marriage but this is the major change I have seen in myself.

2. To take care of everyone around, starting with MYSELF: Before getting married, taking care of myself was the last thing on my list since I knew I have my mom beside me to do that.But now, when my health (mental/physical) suffer and I am not able to run to mom every single time, I get a reminder nobody is gonna come and I have to take care of myself no matter how concerned everyone else around is.If I am not doing well, I won't have the energy to take care of others which is my responsibility now.I hope you got the point.

3. Change is Constant: There was a time I thought attending social gatherings and spending hours in kitchen are the two most useless,waste of time and worst thing one could ever do.Since the household chores are not paid, they are not given any importance by others which created such notion in my mind but now I think  it is completely unfair. Now I realize how important every single household work is and how things can mess up if tasks are unfinished. Though "socializing" is still a hard deal for me but I am improving in that department too.

4. Be more Responsible: Everything comes with a responsibility and marriage comes with hell lot of responsibilities.So learn to tackle them and get ready to be answerable to others because its your duty.

5. To listen everyone and do what I like: Unsolicited advice is something I really dislike. But in India, where everyone has a habit of interfering in your life and wants to run your life their way, mastering this art of rejecting what you dislike is only key to happiness.Once you have achieved it you can rule the world. And I think I have 50 percent achieved it.

6. Learning  is a part and parcel of life: After finishing off with studies, I thought only thing I am left with now is just mere cooking and household chores which anyone can handle easily. But now I know I had 'so much' to learn. There are so many things I have learnt after marriage from how to handle certain situations to how to do be a multi-tasker and there are so many things I am still learning which makes me realize learning is a never ending process and I have a long-long way to go.

So these are my words of wisdom, anything you would like to share? Drop in the comments below. Would love to read your experiences.

Coming to pictures, this is an old outfit post which has stayed in drafts for months and is finally making an appearance on the blog.  This is what I wore on one of the date nights with my husband.




Tried my hands at poof.

~Live Love Laugh~
Mukta Jain