Bali Snippets

This month instead of Life Snippets I am sharing with you few memories from Bali along with  my recommendations of what to do in Bali. This is gonna be the last post about my Bali Adventures, I hope you enjoyed the series. You can have a look at other posts here, here, here and here.

Lets start the ride...woohooo !!

My Airport Style and chocolate pastry from costa coffee.

It was a really long flight and since we had a 6 hours drive to airport from where we live, it took us entire 12 hours to reach Bali. Make sure you completely charge your tablets and phone to stay away from boredom.

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel 
Our first destination was Hard rock Hotel, Denpasar; where we stayed for 3 days. Best part about this place is its location. As soon as you step out from this place, you see people partying and having time of their lives. Located in centre of Kuta Lane, you can enjoy open cafes, beach and clubs at walking distance.

Since we were not into exploring the history of Bali, we were more in party mood so we spent three days at Kuta lane chilling at beach every morning and partying every night.

One such open cafe :p

Sunset *it was lovely*
Everyone said there is no shopping in Bali but see what I found.

Had to share this funny board.

Weather on one of the days. #nofilter

Chilling roadside. You can see benches like these along the road,cool right !

My Shopping from bali and  Stroberi was a very cute shop with cute little accessories you just cannot resist.

My cute bow slip-ons, finding vegeterian food was hard in Bali so we relied on haldiram's packed food,
Bali currency see 50k note; 1 indian rupee is approx 190 bali rupiah and breakfast at hard rock.

p.s. We paid bills in lakhs and thousands at a restaurant which was quite funny, since Indian currency was higher then that of Bali.

For some vegetarian food I would recommend Queens of India, number mentioned in the image.
The food quality was really amazing.

For others, you can always do a complete research and explore the history of Bali. Also, there is live volcano at Bali about which we got to know after we got back from the trip. So you can definitely check it out.

Few suggestions:

1. Always take taxi with meter, otherwise they charge much more then the actual tariff.
2. Do not waste much of your time shopping there, Bali is more of a partying and chilling out kind of place. Just have fun !
3.There is Wi-Fi facility at every other cafe for free so just install viber in phones and you will be able to contact your loved ones for free. There is no need to buy a sim-card.
4. For all the shopping you do, keep the receipts.At airport you have VAT Refund counter where you can show the bills and get the VAT money returned.
 5. In case you want to explore the cultural history of Bali, hire a guide.

For next three days we shifted to Nasa Dua in Hotel Sofitel, which is a very peaceful and relaxing place. Perfect for honeymoon couples.Also, I loveeeddd my resort here. Have a look at the pictures.

Note: I did not edit any of the pictures below. The water was 'this blue' and sky was actually 'this beautiful'. Enjoy !!

Hotel View from the Pool

Huge Hotel

Private beach at Hotel

Hotel View from reception

I can spend my entire life here :D

Can't get enough of the view

Walking alone !!
We celebrated hubby's 25th Birthday here !

Chilling in room balcony

seriously ! can't get enough of it.

And finally !! Peace.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. With this post the Bali series has come to an end. New "Bride to be series" is something I am currently working on, so stay tuned !

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~