Website Review: Amazon

Another website review means I again shopped online. Yeah !! I purchased few items from Amazon recently and thought of sharing them with you.

Many websites are giving amazing discounts due to the festive season.So I thought, why not avail this opportunity and bring out my inner shopaholic.Anyways, Amazon had a great online sale on books, so I managed to grab few which I have been wanting to read from long.

Delivery Speed:

I ordered for four books on 27th Sept. 2014. Though the parcel was divided in two parts due to various sellers available on Amazon platform, both the parcels were delivered to me by difference of a day. Hence, I received my complete order by 31st Sept. So pretty fast then what I expected.


The products were neatly packed in a sturdy corrugate box with a flip open side due to which I received my order without any damage. So full marks for that.

Customer Care and Return Response: 

Since all the books I received were in perfect condition, I did not have to contact the customer care in any case.

Price Comparison: 

Before buying the books I did an extensive research regarding the prices at which these are available on other websites or in market and I must say the price at which it was available on Amazon was lowest. May be due to the on going sale, but even after sale the books at other sites are costlier. Hence next time I would buy books online only from amazon and not Flipkart (as mentioned in my flipkart review) or any other website, of course till I get a better deal then that at Amazon.

Overall Verdict: 

I would definitely recommend to everyone out there. With good service and variety of products available on website, it will become my most to go shopping website. Also, during the sale season you can actually get some fine deals which you won't find anywhere else.So keep your eyes hooked for any offers or deals.
                                                                   ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Confessions of a Seriel Dieter is a pretty cool book! Although I'm not a diet kinda girl, I learnt a thing or two about healthy living :)

    1. Have heard good about it that is why I added it to my list.