Wedding Shopping List and Budget Guide : Bride to be Series

Hey everyone ! With festivities around the corner I am sure everyone is in a happy and colorful mood. Along with all the festivals, november marks the beginning of marriage season too. So that is why, I thought of starting this series during this time. To know back-end details about what this series is all about, read Bride To-Be Series post.

The major tasks during a North Indian marriage includes:
  • Shopping
  • Distribution of cards and boxes
  • Booking of marriage palaces and halls
Now a days, distribution of cards and boxes have been considerably reduced. Since it is considered as time consuming and money wastage, with which I strongly agree. So now people invite via messages, calls or even Whatsapp reducing hell lots of work.

Next comes, Booking of marriage palaces and halls. Decide whether you want a destination wedding or a local traditional wedding. Also, think about the gathering you want and decide marriage halls accordingly.

And last one is my favorite, Shopping.Since I love shopping, so during my marriage preparations this was something I enjoyed the most. From beginning, I made a clear list of what all things are required and amount of money I could spend  splurge on the items. Sharing with you the list, here it goes:

Note: Here I am considering list of shopping only from Bride's point of view. All other stuff required for traditional ceremonies or in laws, is better left on elders. Don't poke your nose in that matter.

Few Pointers:

  • Maintain a diary to note the stuff you have to shop, expenses done or pre-bridal appointments and any other important tasks to be done. 
  • Set the budget for each section mentioned above and put them in envelopes before going to shop.
  • If sale season is around, wait for it you may find some great deals. 
  • Buy as soon as you "love" something because no matter how many stores you visit you will still want that piece. 
  • Make sure you stick to your Budget.
  • Shop with your mom, she knows the best and will always give you an honest opinion.

I would be discussing each of the sections above one by one in detail along with my suggestions and tips. So stay tuned for next post.

I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful. Any other, thing you want to add to the list ? Let me know in comments below. Also,if you want me to write about any other topics apart from these, you can mail me at or just drop a comment below. Would love to share as much knowledge as I can.

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~


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