Website Review: Elitify

This is one of the reviews that I just have to pen down. Though I do not have pictures of the product purchased from the website, but I want my readers to know the truth.

Elitify claims to be India's Premier Style Lounge  which owns some high end products.The website has neat, clean and attractive layout.It hosts some well known high end brands though I am not sure if they are genuine enough after the experience I went through.

My Experience: My husband ordered a pair of loafers from the website back in April. The time span has been so long that I do not even  remember exact date now.

First of all, on website they mentioned one week delivery but after we payed for the loafers we got a mail verifying the ordered and estimated date of delivery was after 21 days. Seriously 21 days! who has so much time in the world.

Anyways after 21 days got over I started calling customer care to verify about my order. They had such a bad setup. Even after giving my order number and other details they messed up the things and stated they have same order number with some other name which really annoyed me and I blasted at them.  After like 10 calls to customer care team, I finally received my order somewhere in May.    

Next shocker, the quality of loafers was disgusting. It was untidily packed and loafers were folded.  I wish I would have taken a picture.

Now since the quality was super bad, I called them to refund the amount and take the package as soon as possible. Again, after my continuous calling, they took 15 days to collect the package and rest of the process of refunding the amount took another 15-20 days and toll on my patience level.

I think they do not deserve to be rated. I would give them minus marks for such a horrible experience. So I would request you all to place orders with that website after lot of thinking and research, so that you are not left with an experience like mine.

Note: This is my personal experience, some might have a good experience with them. So its on you to decide for yourselves. It's my personal take and I take it as my duty to share my good as well as bad experiences with you, so that you guys are not mislead.

                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Love that you are so upfront about your experience. Thank you for this! Will not be shopping there!

    1. Thank you deat !
      Hope to c you more often here.

  2. Oh I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. I usually have very bad luck with e-stores and something or the other always goes wrong. Is this a very established site? I haven't really heard of them before.

    Debasree // All She Needs

    1. Ya ! They hold stuff from good brands.
      But now I just don't recommend the website.