Bride To Be Series

This post is just an update on Bride to be series that is soon coming up on the blog and I am really excited about it.
Recently, I have had the opportunity to accompany my close ones for there wedding trousseau shopping. While shopping I had this realization that the mistakes I made during my wedding shopping are same as made by my sisters and the the things I was not clear about that time are still not clear to them. So that is why I thought to start with this series, so as to share my experience of wedding dilemma I went through and discuss things which I wish I knew before marriage.


The topics that I would like to share my views on are:

1. Makeup Kit Essentials.
2. Complete Shopping List and Budget Setting
3. Western and Indian Outfit Suggestions.
4. Shopping for Bags, Heels and Jewelry.
5. Complete Pre-Bridal Guide
5. Honeymoon Destinations
6. Courtship Tips & Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
7. What to wear on Roka, Engagement and Marriage & from where to shop.
8. How to throw a Bridal Shower/Youngsters Party

For now, these are all the topics that I have in mind, I would be updating this list as and when I get new ideas or topics that I would like to share with you guys.

Note: All these would include my personal experience in context to the Punjabi Culture since that is what I belong to. With change in culture and environment, of course things get different but the basics that a girl needs to know remains the same and that is what I am trying to share here.


  1. I always thought you and your husband look like Punjabis (i am one too), but got confused with your surname. and thanks for the follow. :D I hope you like it there. :) andmean 3008? Does that mean your budday is also on Aug 30? :D

    1. Ohh ! Good to c one more punjabi in blogosphere.
      Yes you guessed it right. Its 30 aug. Is yours same too ?

    2. Yeah, mine too. I guess there was some typing error there. :)