Movie Review: Bang Bang

  • Acting: Hrithik as usual did a superb acting whereas I have never really liked Katrina Kaif. She is just so expressionless. For me, she was there to add some amount of glamour to the movie as usual. Oh by the way, even Jimmy Shergill gives a short appearance and looks smart and hot.

As a pair, Hrithik and katrina looked really really hot.The only reason for me to continue with movie was actually Hrithik. He looked spectacular. His acting,dancing and physique; everything is to die for.

  • Music: More than the music, I really liked the dance moves. Hrithik is at his best. I just do not understand why he does only one movie a year. I would love to see him more on-screen.

  • Story: There was nothing special about the story, it was quite predictable. The exotic locations where the film has been shot will definitely make you say "WOW" but except that I did not find anything extra in the script.

  • Overall Review: Bang Bang is entirely a Hrithik's fan feast. It is a pretty average movie with few advantages like:
  1. Hrithik's power packed action sequences.
  2. Katrina and Hrithik's hot pairing
  3. Travelling some exotic locations while munching pop-corns
  4. And of course, Hrithik's stunning personality which will glue you to the screen till end.

And one drawback apart from the story is its length. The movie is stretched and lengthy but if you are a fan of this hot pair this drawback turns into a boon.

So if you are a Hrithik fan, go watch it else its an easy skip.

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I did not like the movie but I loved watching Hrithik and of course Jimmy Shergill.

    1. Oh ya !! They were the only ones who made the movie tolerable !

  2. I wish I had gone to watch Haider instead. :)

    Debasree // All She Needs

    1. oh did you find bang bang that bad ? Not a Hrithik fan then.
      I just cannot watch such intense movies, so Haider was never an option for me !