7 Easy Rangoli Designs

As Diwali approaches, I start searching for some beautiful yet easy designs for Rangoli. I am a total novice when its comes to drawing and creativity. Though I just can't draw, I want to make Rangoli which I can proudly show-off to every relative and friend of mine *haha*

So solutions for this problem are, either I go for ready made ones using stencils or I find some really easy designs that do not involve much of drawing but looks pretty at the same time. I like the second option more, so this time I searched for few designs which do not require much of hard work but look beautiful. Sharing those designs with you so that those who are like me can take benefit and impress their loved ones too.

Easy, pretty and colorful. If you are a first timer, give it a go. It will look lovely ! 

This one though looks difficult, is a very simple one. Get the print-out of same, keep beside you and draw the sketch using a chalk. I am sure you will get lots of compliments. Also, use some diyas to give it a shine. 
If you don't have much time in hand, go for this one. Small yet beautiful.

This was the design I used last Diwali for rangoli.

I totally love Rangoli made with flowers. they are so simple yet look beautiful, 
For this you can use powder colors, paint or even flowers, whatever you find convenient and easy.

If you are too tired to work hard and yet want to make one, try these ready made rangoli pieces.They take no time and are re-usable.
I hope you like the designs. If you chose any one of these or even make your own design, do share the picture on my facebook page.Would love to see your creativity. Also, suggest which one should I go for ? Which one is your favorite out of these ? 

Note: All the pictures are taken from google and non of them belongs to me.                

                                                              ~Live Love Laugh~


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