Movie Review: Happy New Year

Yesterday I went for Happy New Year movie. I am big Shahrukh fan and this movie had a combo Shahrukh + Deepika, so I just had to watch it.Oh ! If you are thinking what about story, then it comes on second number for me. Yeah !! I generally judge a movie based on its trailer, star cast and director and if appeals me I go for it else anyways I go for it.

Coming to the movie review, here is my take,

Acting: With such an amazing star cast, how could acting be a problem. Boman Irani as usual attempted something unique and did quite well. Abhishek and Vivaan did complete justice to their roles. Last but not least, Shahrukh and Deepika made a stunning pair; with Shahrukh completely stealing the show.

Story: A very basic story with lots of loopholes but I guess movies like these should be watched without brains. As they show in the trailer, it is a story of group of people attempting a robbery.

Overall Verdict: It is a one man movie. Go and watch it if you like Shahrukh or watch it for brainless entertainer with some good humor punches. A very light and easy going family entertainer. A kind of movie I enjoy, so I completely relished it. In short, a typical Farah Khan Bollywood masala movie.

p.s. : I really enjoyed the dance performances and their constumes :p


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