5 Problems while Feeding a Newborn "Solved"

Throughout my 9 months I had delivery phobia. Yes !! seriously the way my friends or loved ones use to explain the pain they went through, it always gave me goosebumps. But for me, I think feeding was more difficult from delivery. No, seriously feeding made me emotionally drained.
Delivery pain I had to go through for one day or to the maximum 2 days but feeding pain, I had to go through it after every hour for minimum 2 months. then it felt like it is a never ending pain. Being sleep deprived served as cherry on top.

Now if you are wondering what pain I am talking about or How can feeding be painful ! Oh dear you don't know the truth then. Scroll down to read my experience and knowledge I gained about the basics on feeding.

1.How to know if baby is getting enough milk:

I was feeding my child for first two days without the realizing that she is getting "nothing". Hence, she was left always hungry. In fact, I used to feed her for one hour to see she is as empty stomach as before. Her weight loss confirmed it. That was a complete emotional roller coaster for me to not being able to feed my child (mom guilt and mood swings). I thought I failed as a mother. I felt guilty. But then I kept trying and consulted doctors. Slowly and steadily I got hold of it which took me around 2 weeks.

My advice: Baby will get hungry after every hour which is very natural and that does not mean you are not feeding. If she wets her nappy at least 5 to 6 times and her weight is steadily increasing be it in grams, then she is having enough milk. But if you see a consistent weight loss, then do consult your doctor. Also, feeding requires time. You as well as your little one are new to this and it does not come naturally to everyone. At least it did not come naturally to me, I had to work hard and stay consistent.

2. Formula Milk:

Now if you are wondering what I gave her for first 2 weeks, I gave her formula milk on 5th day. I alternated formula with feed so that she is not hungry as well as my milk supply is regulated. According to me feeding is extremely important for a child and one has to very consistent and determined if one wants to feed her child well but just in case you are not able please do not punish yourself. Please do not judge anyone for not able to feed her child. She is trying her best, and let her do what she thinks is best for her child and herself.

3. How to increase milk supply:

I completely trusted my gynaecologist and have followed her religiously throughout my pregnancy and even after that. She advised, the more I feed my child more milk will be produced, which is absolutely true (personal painful experience) The more I fed her, I got more used to pain and more milk supply. Slowly and steadily, pain flew and now I love feeding her. Its our special bonding time.

Also, there are few foods which help in increasing milk supply like cracked wheat(daliya), white cumin powder, cumin seeds and makhane.

4. Sore and cracked nipples:

Since I could not feed for 2 weeks whereas my daughter was continuously trying for milk made my nipples sore and very painful. It started bleeding. I was advised to do wet warm compresses and apply neosprin when I am not feeding. Also, even when I was recovered I had to apply

My advice : Start applying nipcare during pregnancy to prevent dry and sore nipples later.

5. Pumping Milk :

When I was getting blood in milk, I made sure to pump milk to see she is not drinking infectious milk and also pumping was less painful. For that I bought Chicco manual Pump. It used to take 15 minutes and one can even store that milk in fridge for 4 hours. To use that milk, do not microwave or directly heat it, instead boil water in a container and keep bottle in it i.e. thaw the milk.

After around one complete month, I could easily feed her and she did not have to take formula at all. That was the time I felt proud of myself to pass that hurdle.

If you are introducing bottle to her, make sure you sterilize them well. Traditional method of boiling bottles in container is the best method till date. Also use glass bottles instead of plastic ones, they are less prone to causing infection.

I hope this post helps future mom to be's and they know how to handle a problem if any arises.
If you have any question. feel free to leave in comments. I would try my best to answer what ever I can through my personal experience.

                                                               ~Live Love Laugh~


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