Health Talk: Diet Update 3

So this is my third update on my diet course that I am following and I kid you not I am already feeling better about myself for feeding my body healthy stuff. Though there is no weight loss by now (it's just 2nd week, how impatient I am ) nor there is any inch loss but there is this satisfaction that I am able to control my cravings as well as avoiding unhealthy stuff.

Coming over to weekend,
  • I exercised.
  • Only on Saturday night I gave into my craving which my dietitian asked me counter back by doing some extra exercise, which I did.
  • Sunday, we had family dinner and I followed a pretty healthy diet and to know how I did it wait for my question/answer post coming soon on blog.
  • Rest I followed all the things, starting from methi seeds water to ending day with hot cup of water. (If you don't know what I am talking about, read my diet series.)
  • Though I could wake up that early on Sunday. 
I think for the first weekend, I did fairly well though there is still lot more work to do on my diet and exercise.

So, what about you ? How was your weekend. 
Also, I am starting with a series where I would be answering all the fitness or health related questions. If you have any (it can be super silly), make sure to fill the form below  and I would discuss it on my blog.  First part of the series would come up tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it.

                                                               ~Live Love Laugh~


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