5 Health and Fitness Questions Part 1 [How to avoid junk and cravings]

While I was starting my diet, I had many questions and misconceptions in mind. It all got cleared by my lovely dietitian and by reading various health and fitness blogs/articles. So I am sharing few of them along with solutions/answers which came to my rescue.

How to avoid junk and Cravings (theitgirl.in)

I am no fitness professional or a dietitian, changing my lifestyle is learning process for me which I am jotting down here so that it can benefit others. Always confirm your health professional before following any of the things below.

1. Whenever I visit someone's place they offer me juice/cold drink, how do I deny that ?

I politely say NO, once or twice, if they still seem to force to drink something  for company I ask them to give me a glass of lemon water with less sugar.

healthy fresh lime : theitgirl

2. How to avoid junk when going out with family for lunches/dinner ?

I try not to eat pizzas, burgers or pastas. They are yummy hence tendency to eat more. Also, the universal fact, they are carbohydrates which lead to weight gain.I do not need to elaborate more on that right ?
I Start with a soup, maybe clear or veg soup. For starters I have stir fried or tandoori snacks. I always order a salad with low fat dressing. And in end, I have one chapati (tandoori) with any vegetable sabzi. I avoid dal and paneer with butter laden gravies. I also try to have a glass of hot water/green tea when I reach home.

how to avoid junk and cravings: theitgirl

3. It is advised to have your dinner by 8 maximum. What if I feel hungry after finishing off my dinner at 8 ?

I have a glass of warm milk without sugar if possible. If I am still hungry, I have fistful of nuts or a fruit.

resist midnight temptation

4. I have marriage to attend what can I have ?

First and foremost, I have a fruit and glass of milk before I leave for any function. If possible I have my mini meal, which seems stupid to my loved ones but I don't worry about that, I just do my thing.
then follow the routine mentioned in point 2 above.

5. I am addicted to chocolate/or any sweet, how do I resist the temptation ?

I try and control the temptation for first time and divert my mind because once I have a bite of it I crave for more and then it is a vicious circle. Hence, it is all about mental strength here. If I give in once then there is no stopping and once I say No to it I get the will power to say No every single time it is offered to me. Even after all this you are not able to resist the temptaion have Jaggery/Dates/Raisins/Anjeer

healthy substitutes for sugar cravings (theitgirl)

If you have any health or fitness related query, fill the form here or you can contact me on any social media or even comment below.

                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~


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