Health Talk: Diet Update 4

This week I have been very very inconsistent. It is like I have taken it very lightly. Since I was guilty about the mess I have created with my diet and exercise, my dietitian asked me to move over guilt and exercise harder this weekend. I am happy to be under a dietitian who instead of keeping me on soups and salads only, is teaching me the art of healthy lifestyle. I know this path may take some more time than what I aiming for but then I will be sure that what she has asked me to follow can be done for lifetime and not for a specific period of time.

Diet Series: theitgirl

Let's see in what all I failed last week,

  • No exercise.      
  • Eating after 8. 
  • Having outside junk twice.
  • Skipped methi seeds water once. 
So in all I messed it up completely and its bad. Each day is new one, so I have come back on track again. This is my second weekend after my diet and do not want to mess up with it this time. Let us see how it goes. 

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~


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